Facebook Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

When you are doing Facebook marketing, your goal should not be to get likes and shares. You have to see how many sales you are making through Facebook marketing. It should be the real motto behind the Facebook marketing concept.

When you are posting, ensure to post with a purpose. You need to question yourself, how does the post relate to your business goals, what is the aim of this post. If you are not able to answer these questions, it means you do not know why you are posting.

For example, let us assume that you are involved in the wine business. What will be your aim? You will target to sell maximum cases of wine. When you are posting about your business in the social media, it should make people make a purchase. It should interest the fans and increase the fan base. Here sharing some important tips that will enhance your Facebook marketing technique.

Facebook should be a part of marketing strategy

Be clear about your marketing goals. You have to know how Facebook will serve you to achieve your goals. It is important to use Facebook in such a way it brings new customers to your business. For example, if you are generating fifty new leads through online marketing per month, then you have to get at least ten leads through Facebook. Ask yourself how Facebook could help in your goal, how to attract the fan base, how to convert the followers or visitors into customers.

When you have a clear plan, you will know how to engage the fans and make them your customers,

Create your company page

It is important to maintain an official Facebook page. Most people manage their business with their personal account. It is a wrong way to perform social media marketing. You need to create an account with sufficient information about your business, history, location, and customers served. If you have received positive reviews or testimonials from your customers, you can share it on your Facebook page. It will help the new visitors to get an idea about your business. You have to stay active on a daily basis. It does not mean that you have to keep posting contents on an hourly basis. It is best to share three to four times in a week. Stay active in group conversations.

Be normal. Do not show your marketing skills while commenting a blog. When you keep pressing about your services or products, people may get a bad impression on you.

Tips for Marketing on Twitter

It is simple to market your service or product on Twitter. You do not have to spend much time as you spend in your website or blog. When you are tweeting, you have to precise and simple. It is important to spend at least fifteen to thirty minutes a day on Twitter. Here sharing some tips that will simply be your Twitter marketing.

When you have to say something, say it in simple and clear form. There is no need to struggle or think for a long time while posting. Whatever you say or share on Twitter will not stay in the minds of people for a long time. Just think for a second and tweet in a simple way. If you think it looks understandable for you, then it will definitely reach your potential customers. Remember, people are not going to remember what you posted last week or last month. They will have your post in mind for about ten or fifteen minutes. If they think, your post is impressive they may share and forget it.

Do not waste time by reading all tweets posted by your followers: It is a waste of time. If you monitor your Twitter account daily for about thirty minutes, you would know what a post talks about and who posted. You do not have to follow each and every tweet. Some people do not have time to read and take a quick look at the end of their day. Well, it is your convenience and totally up to you.

Follow people who are worth following: Find potential customers and follow them. If you are going to follow a person without a reason, it is again a waste of time. There are hundreds of spammers and supermarketers following you. You have to know whom you are following and why you are following a particular person. If you maintain good records of followers, you can easily market your service or product.