What Can Marketed Learn from Star Wars?

It is almost instinctual, and easy to dismiss the highly impacting pop culture. However, the marketers know it better. There are hundreds of films that are released every year, and a very few of them become highly popular, and Star Wars is one such movie. What is the aspect of the film that makes it a sticky staple in the Hollywood? This is an expansive question. It has to be noted that many businesses that operate all over the world, especially their marketers should capture the consumers with such an aspect. Here are the marketing lessons that the marketers can learn from the film, Star Wars.

Staying relevant: This is one of the biggest achievements of the brand of Star Wars as it has been relevant for almost 40 years after the original film’s release. A few brands stick too long to become household names. Likewise, marketers who are capable of evolving while staying relevant to their core customers have the chance of benefiting from long term loyalty and longevity.

Making more with less: Star Wars’ original film was produced with a very tight budget in comparison to the other Hollywood movies that were released at the time. But, Lucas stretched his thin budget as long as possible than most, and the result is evident now. This is what marketers should learn. Budget is one of the top constraints of marketers, especially in the current environment. Marketers who rethink the budget allocation, and embrace new ways to engage their consumers will get it done further.

Making meme worthy content: A crucial component of the modern internet culture is memes. These have some of the most viral content and remain valuable to the marketers. Star Wars sells fans based on the authenticity of the world by captivating visuals, deeply compelling stories, and electric characters. This is done largely via user generated content as well as memes. Similarly, marketers can support consumers to create memes around their specific brands.

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